Bridges Across Generations

Family Tree Videos combines the production of inter-generational documentary film-making, and other services, with permanent film and media archiving to close the ancestral mystery gap allowing future generations to become acquainted with, and appreciate the legacies and personalities of their family predecessors. Each service is a highly professional and guided process with many resources available to help you each step of the way.

Tribute Videos

Tribute Videos are videos that include the subject(s) in his/her living years, typically ages 70 and up, when the person is at their best.

The setting is generally in the casual comfort of a family member’s living room with family members, and sometimes extended family members present. Many families also make tribute videos for couples celebrating an upcoming 40th or 50th wedding anniversary. Upcoming holidays and milestone birthdays can provide the incentive for the unveiling!

How It Works:

A short Storyboard is created to help the discussions. It is important to understand that the “shoot” is the raw footage. Our expert video editors take that raw footage and turn it into a professional documentary-style film complete with still photos, music and other graphics.

The film is delivered in three sizes:

     -raw footage

     -two-minute trailer

     -final edited version

The two-minute trailer is to show your friends and family on your social media networks.

Old, un-digitized, photos are collected by family members and can be sent to us for scanning, quality enhancement and high-resolution digitizing using our secure, tag labeling process and shipping container. Current digitized photos are tagged and uploaded into our secure processing center on our website.

Optionally, the following types of information can be included in your Tribute Video:

     -Genealogy Research

     -Items for the shoot (posters, collages, photo wall)

     -News of the Day

     -Professionally Written & Narrated Life Story Recap – As an Intro

My Life In A Day

One of our videographers spends an entire day with you or your loved-one and records his/her life in a typical day of your choosing such as a school day, a college day, a work day, a vacation day, a graduation day, etc. These videos appear in a special section of the Family’s webpage. (Any age)

Memorial Videos

After the passing of a loved-one, many families wish to create a video that celebrates the life of the individual. 

Memorial Videos come in two unique formats:

Funeral Version

Time constraints on an approaching funeral or family gathering usually require a fast turnaround time. In these cases, Family Tree Videos can produce a video that contains photos, music, narrated poetry, and graphics like newspaper clippings, awards, etc. Our service professionals will work with your family to understand the life of the loved-one and offer ideas of what can be included in the video in the time we have to produce it.

The resulting video is made available to the funeral home, or another services venue, and posted on the family’s private Webpage to be viewed at a later date, or shared with other friends and family members via social media.

Post-Funeral Version

Family members who have long or recently departed loved-ones sometimes like to have a memorial video made that speaks to the legacy and life stories the loved-one left behind. In this case, Family Tree Videos will help in the preparation of the video and on the day of the shoot provide a moderator who interviews one or more family members to create a “Bob-Costas” style result which is then edited with photos, music and other graphics as found in the Tribute Video style.

Soliloquy Videos

Soliloquies are defined, often in drama, as the act of talking while or as if alone, disregardful of or oblivious to any hearers present while disclosing a character’s innermost thoughts: Hamlet’s soliloquy begins “To be or not to be.”

A recent client, for example, performed as a Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown for 30 years. He wanted to tell his amazing story in a more private way. With the help of one of our Life Story Facilitators, who assisted as an interviewer, the final video was filled with in-costume photos of his circus performances, interactions with children, and colorful scenes of “The Big Top,” illustrating his story as he spoke.

These videos serve as a way to tell unique life experiences of any kind, be they career, sports, travel, political, social, family, etc.

Reminiscence Therapy Videos

Reminiscence Therapy is defined by the American Psychological Association (APA) as “the use of life histories to improve psychological well-being.” This form of therapeutic intervention respects the life and experiences of the individual with the aim of helping the patient maintain good mental health.

Reminiscence Therapy involves the discussion of past activities, events and experiences with another person or group of people, usually with the aid of tangible prompts such as photographs, heirlooms and other familiar items from the past, music and archived sound recordings.

During multiple one-on-one sessions, a professional social worker asks stimulating questions, provides supportive coaching, and engaging conversation to guide the client’s memories and stories. Together, the coach and storyteller work to create a narrative that spans from childhood to the present.

Reminiscence Therapy has been shown to enhance the well-being of early stage Alzheimer’s, dementia patients and terminal medical patients. Additionally, clinical depression in the elderly is common. Reminiscence Therapy has a positive and intervening affect on depression. Optionally, the sessions can be filmed and edited – taking the most lucid and enjoyable moments to produce a sentimental tribute video. As the disease progresses, the video can become a soothing reminder video for the patient.

A study published in the June 2007 issue of Geriatrics and Gerontology International concluded that a reminiscence group program was an effective way to enhance the cognitive capacity of people with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia as well as their ability to participate in normal activities of daily living. A summary of existing data, including studies published in professional journals, and interviews with specialists concluded that the general mood and cognition improved in subjects with dementia who participated in some form of reminiscence therapy.

Source: Reminiscence and Alzheimer’s Disease By John Schmid on June 21, 2011

Life Chronology Videos

Imagine finding a video of your departed mother or grandmother talking to you about her life as a 14-year old! And then, again, as a 15-year old, and so on.

Obviously, this type of video may require some initial parental wheedling, but once accomplished, the end result will be an amazing chronology of the person’s life!

The way it works is to set an appointment for the first shoot. Provide us the photos and other graphics like a report card or sports awards. Once completed, tell us the time period for repeating the service and we will remind you at that time.

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