Genealogy Discovery Plan


Please note, Genealogy Research is not a perfect science. Quite often the pathways to finding amazing records are wide open and pass through many previous generations. On the other hand, there are times when brick walls occur creating a roadblock that prevents the research from moving further back on a particular person’s ancestral line.   This may, in fact, impact more than on familial line.
To protect our client’s investment, Family Tree Videos does not sell blocks of research hours until we are reasonably confident that some information can be gleaned from the process.
Our Discovery Plan does just that. The Discovery Plan is a preliminary assessment and development tool through which we shape a detailed research plan for future research. The Discovery Plan research will use the information that you share on your ancestors born before 1940 to explore what records are readily accessible such as census, draft, and marriage records and determine how complete these records are.
Once we feel confident that your ancestors are searchable in at least recent records, we will recommend an initial block of time that we are confident will result in a profile of your ancestral tree using electronic resources with an effort to complete two to three generations of information on one or two lines that will include copies of the records that we discover.  Should you wish to expand the search, additional time may be added in blocks of 10 hours.


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