Hello and welcome to our new and exciting trek into inter-generational storytelling!

Our passion is to help all humans be remembered with dignity. We believe that humans do not need an inscription on a monument in order to be remembered. We are trying to think differently about the ways we leave our mark in life and finding new ways to create and preserve the stories in our life worth leaving.

Our mission is to help families organize, create, and permanently house a digital family library meant to grow through each generation. We specialize in helping in the creation of the content for that library focused on the legacy and remembrance we are all entitled to.

Before we begin this journey, let me say thank you for recognizing the value and the importance of the preservation of family histories. Today, we are limited in the photographic and the video records available to us. We would be hard pressed to find a video of our 5X great grandmother talking about her life in the early 1800s. We are challenging the status quo by finding different ways to bridge this ancestral mystery gap.

In fact, we think a new social norm is developing—a realization of the duty to prepare and pass along ourselves, our heritage and our legacy to a potentially unending stream of delighted future generations. 

We all fear that a parent may die, or develop Alzheimer’s or dementia prematurely without capturing his/her favorite family stories, memories and a living legacy or tribute. While these ailments may cause them to slowly forget us, or time will take them from us, we will never forget them. Our goal is to provide services that will fill our clients with a deep sense of warmth and delight by creating a lasting tribute that will remain long after they have slipped away – something you simply cannot put a price on.

Imagine a time when even just one of your future grand children, at an unknown point in her life, can take great pleasure in knowing an 8X great grandmother while receiving her love and encouragement at a time when she needs it the most.

We believe it’s up to us, at this important juncture of technical possibilities, to forward our gift that says, “Hi! You are important to me! I was thinking about you! And I want the very best for you! Here is my story.”

How It All Began

Sitting at a holiday gathering soon after our Dad passed away, my sister Laurie and I began speaking about our Mother, Dorothy and what we could do to commemorate her life. At the time, Dorothy was a happy and healthy 92-year old who had lived a wonderful and passionate life.

We decided to ask a friend of ours, a professional videographer, to help us arrange a video shoot. During the time it took to set up the shoot, we collaborated on ideas that would help make it memorable, informative and sentimental.

Of course, “scope-creep” set in and before long we had all kinds of things we wanted to do; starting a business was certainly not one of them. So we organized all of the best old photos of her life, created a list of questions we wanted to ask, favorite family stories we wanted re-told and invited our extended family to be present on the day of the shoot.

Our videographer friend, Sam, who was also an expert video editing professional, asked us questions about her favorite music, for copies of old photos of her life, and to consider including questions and samples of the things in her life in which she was passionate which, in her case, included her art.

So we put together an informal storyboard of sorts that reminded us of these things during the shoot. We discussed how we would introduce the video by greeting Sam, with cameras rolling, at the front door to say who we were and what we were doing. We realized it would be important to mention the date and give Sam the list of all our guests so he could include labels of their names in the video as they were speaking. And off we went.

The day took on a life of its own. After introducing all our guests and having lunch, we all sat in the living room and began talking, asking our questions, telling the old stories. Dorothy was the focal point and became very comfortable with her family around her unconcerned with the lights and camera pointed in her direction. Each question seemed to generate new memories and stories causing the kind of laughter that sometimes gives way to tears.

Today, three years since the making of the video, Laurie and I miss our Mom dearly, but realize even more now how important it was to do what we did. At age 95, Dorothy passed quietly after having lived a life filled with much love and passion.

In a lifelong career understanding zeros and ones and bits and bytes, it dawned on me that we are at the confluence of digital video and the means to preserve it indefinitely. It was with a deep respect for the value every human has to pass forward that gave way to Family Tree Videos.


“Family Tree Video beats all forms of memorabilia in that it not only captures stories, it captures stories with feelings. As you recount shared experiences with loved ones, good or bad, you cannot help but pour yourself into the moment. That comes through in a way that cannot be replicated by letters, photos, anecdotes, or inanimate objects. If you truly want to express how someone makes you feel, video is the only medium.


I was amazed at how easy it was for me to talk about the love and admiration I have for my father. Scott was a compassionate guide, asking the right questions, making me feel at ease and drawing out the most intimate but relevant episodes of my life with my father. Friends and relatives were amazed at the results. I recommend this service without reservations.”

-Remy Charmoz

The Journey

Our services can create the most comprehensive record of one’s life. Once completed, each project will embark on a voyage of time travel inside our Inter-generational Vault® system, preserved for unlimited generations to appreciate and hold dear.

Every completed project is housed in a highly-secure Family Webpage. Your content on this page can remain fully private (default setting), or be set to semi-private (you decide who sees it) or for public viewing. Sharing the elements on your page with social media including newly digitized photos, PDF versions of your written content, video products, or other types of content can also be enabled or disabled.

If you are the type of person who likes continuity and the completeness of a family story, we invite you to become a part of our journey. Please know that we realize there is so much more we can offer to make this process and these experiences even better. Please reach out with your ideas along the way.

Scott Pierson, Founder, Family Tree Videos

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