Preserve A Legacy

Gifts Of A Lifetime

To the littles ones who may not remember, or have the chance to know them. To our senior loved ones whose lives are worthy of celebration with a tribute in video.

commemorate their life, their memories, and their personality forever.

Tribute Videos

Recognize a vibrant senior during their living years.

Couple's Tribute Videos

Showcase their love story for a milestone anniversary.

Memorial Videos

Celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed.

Take A Journey With Us
"Family Tree Video beats all forms of memorabilia in that it not only captures stories, it captures stories with feelings."
-Remy Charmoz

Take A Journey With Us…

Picture the delight of hearing the words of a great grandmother you have never known in person reliving your family’s history from her unique point of view

Imagine keeping Mom’s best stories and advice wth you long after she is gone, or re-visiting Dad’s quirky smile and his signature wink

 Imagine the joy you will bring to your future children when you are able to show not just what their great-grandparents looked like, but share the sound of their laugh, or the way they gestured when telling a story

Memorial Tribute Video: Jacques Charmoz – Trailer

Life Tribute Video: Dorothy Julia Ellis Pierson – Trailer

Ready to make some memories?

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